Hi All,
I recently unlimbered a Minolta Maxxum 7 and a Nikon N80 from their storage shelf in my air conditioned Florida house and was distressed to discover that the backs on both had become quite sticky. I have owned both for several years and they were fine about 6 months ago. I have researched correcting this problem extensively and tried a variety of solutions but none work well.
What I'm looking for is good advice about how to PREVENT it from occuring on my numerous other cameras which have rubberized finishes. No one seems to know exactly what causes the problem because it can occur in cameras which are stored in cool, dry conditions and are not exposed to body oil, sweat etc. It could be simply a degradation of the material inherent with age, but it seems that some cameras of the same model and age get it and others don't.
I am thinking that a paste wax, while making the camera slipperier, might seal the surface, or perhaps using something else with sealant properties to keep air from the rubberized surface, but I'm just not sure. Because they are so cheap, I have already replaced the N80, but I'm feeling sad about the Maxxum 7 because it is literally too gooey to use despite alcohol clean up attempts. I don't want to replace it untill I have some idea as to how to protect the new one.
Any ideas from you rubberized polymer experts out there?
Thanks in advance,