Sandy, what was the EFS for the J&C 400? Can I impose on you and ask you to post the results in SBR and EFS. Since you have the plotter I hope this wont be too much trouble. Near as I can see you have SBRs from 5 to 9 on your tests.

Aaron, I use 400 tmx exclusively for my 8x10 and it works great with pyrocat HD. Much better than ABC or any other pyro formula I tried. Read and look at the tables in Clay Harmon`s article in unblinking eye "testing Pyrocat HD", he has very thorough testing and results for 400 tmax and other films. If you use the Jobo or some other type of constant agitation procedure, his times are very close to what you would need for printing in pd and I suppose azo. I have his tables pined in my darkroom and coupled with the BTZS metering method I have been getting exceptional results.