Hi Guys,

This tank is surplus to my needs (I have 3 of them, and don't shoot that much 5x4!). It is in very good used condition.

The tank is complete with a standard lid (although you can fit a cog into the tank if you have one). It has a magnet on the base for coupling to a Jobo processor without a lift (if you prefer I can supply a tank without a magnet - your choice - but same price . The reel is a little stained, and is otherwise in perfect condition. It comes complete with it's centre core and lid as well....

I'll also throw in a couple of 35mm/120 adjustable reels - however these are slightly damaged, as they are missing a small portion of the plastic guide. I've never had a problem loading these reels as there is so much room that the films just slide past the area, and once past they load as normal..

I'm asking $120 (Australian or US$) - payment via paypal is fine (no extra charge), and postage will be at actual cost (ask me for a quote - in Australia freight will be $10 if delivered to a business address as I'll ship it via courier. World wide shipping will be by post at cost). And I'll make a donation to APUG as well..

I've sold a few things here, but have sold 100's of items on ebay - you can see my seller reviews if you look for "ustwo" in sellers - people seem to think I'm very honest in how I describe gear...

I'll post a few pictures in the next day or so - please PM me if you are interested..