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You have missed one tiny point.

All of these analog negatives are now being printed onto the new Kodak archival print film for storage, or they are being printed as separation B&W negatives or positives for storage. Hollywood is realizing that digital copies deteriorate much faster than analog originals and the duplication and storage costs of digital are almost 10X higher than for analog.

Being that I work in the movie industry I can vouch this is true, I can also affirm that DP's and Camera Op/Cam Assist's all know the value of film, they all laugh when people talk about shooting on digital and know they film's quality even I'm "megapixels" is way higher than current digital movie cameras. Yes the small budget movies ($1,000,000-$20,000,000) are using digital because its more effective for their proposes but film is still king on any large budget movie that needs that quality, and yes they are archiving it on film, and yes they are projection it on digital as a final post process step.

And Kodak has too much B&W competition, color is their game.


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