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Also, rather than disparaging digital, bear in mind that the technology advances have had a positive effect on keeping many alternative processes alive; indeed, the ability to create a hybrid negative has helped keep many of the contact processes viable and, I would guess, there are more practitioners than there were 20 years ago.
Eddie, I agree with you, very much, that digital, in many ways, has helped analogue, despite leading to the lamentable loss of a prior market, which has equally made analogue life harder in many other ways.

Let me stress, please, that in no way do I disparage digital. I am genuinely impressed with the technology and, above all, its potential. I prefer film and paper, but I very much support and appreciate digital. My remarks are only concerned with my expectation that it can deliver new forms of expression, no longer restricted by the creative/restrictive limitations of analogue, which I think might be slowing its development down. I would not like anyone to think that I was thinking of digital photography, or its practitioners, as inferior in any way—quite the opposite, I hold those in high regard, and I only have the best hopes and wishes for them.