First off I want to thank Daniel and others for trying to support us in our effort to make this alternative film available without rem-jet for all those who have encouraged us to do so. Daniel made us aware of this thread. We were not planning on running from forum to forum to promote this, because our goal is not to market it. We are doing this primarily for ourselves, but hopefully many others can find it to be a useful tool in their belt as well. We are excited to hear others experience and critique, so long as it is constructive concerns rather than destructive or pedantic phobia.

I think we need to clarify a few things....

First off, lets talk about the elephant in the room. There seems to be some misconceptions being asserted. Athiril, we again apologize for any conflict we have had with you and honestly would prefer not to relive any of it. You have always seemed a self-informed and honestly determined fellow, exerting your effort of experimentation to contribute towards the film community. Even though, in the past we have seriously rubbed each other the wrong way, we commend you for your desire for discovery. Life is far too short for enemies. Especially on the internet. We do not wish to deliberate each other's private conduct.

In regards to our relationship towards We have no connection whatsoever with their business practices, Facebook group "Film is Fun" (which apparently we have been accused of running), or the business' web page. The host of IAPR, S.S., interviewed us on his show and we become friends. We spoke with him in length about our studies and experience woking with ECN-2 films, though our disinterest in ever starting a lab. Eventually he approached us about his goal, so we offered advise and allowed him to use our tests on his site, because what he was attempting to accomplish seemed valuable to the film community. Regretfully, his business practices did his company in, but through the process we interceded on behalf of several colleagues to get their ecn-2 processed film and scans, with the help of a great lab. (Richard Photo Lab provided free scans for abandoned customers.) It was extremely disappointing and made us realize that having only one lab capable of providing processing for this film was a terrible thing in the end for film shooters. Sad story. :-(

This led us to begin our research and testing which resulted in our Patent-Pending process we call "premoval". That is the Cinestill film which we have developed and is now in final Beta testing before release. We do not claim to be Photo Engineers or masters or saviors or alchemists... Just guys that can't help themselves in seeing what could be done. Cinestill film is no replacement for Portra 400 or Vision 3 film for motion picture use. It is a viable alternative process film for those who wish to explore it.

Now concerning the questions about the stability and quality of this film processed in C-41 we can speak to the latter exhaustively. We love it! I could post some samples of our results from our workflow as well. It is true that we have no way of knowing the archival qualities of this film in C-41 compared to ECN-2 chemistry, but we have film that had been processed 3 years ago in C-41 and it still looks perfect today (rescanned a couple weeks ago). All I can say is that it is the only high speed capable tungsten balanced film on the market today and scans wonderfully. And if you'd prefer, you can always process it in ECN-2 chemistry as mentioned, without having to remove rem-jet (with a mechanical water jet or scrubber rack as recommended in the industry).

So please do not buy our film if you have any reservations at all. If you love Portra please keep shooting it! We don't want to argue or mislead anyone here. It is what it is and is entirely up to you. We like it. We have been shooting 500T in 33' lengths and processing it in ECN-2 at the major labs in Hollywood for quite some time, but cannot wait to shoot this stuff in our rangefinder! Peace to all and we wish you a pleasant Holliday season.