180mm f/4.5 Schneider Xenar in Compur
with front Schneider cap, aftermarket rear cap and flange
$130 or best reasonable offer

This is a really beautiful specimen which came along with the Angulon above, dating probably from 1958. I wouldn't be surprised if this lens and the Angulon were bought together.

The shutter is clean and works well at all speeds. Nice round aperture stops down to f/32 (marked) or probably f/45 unmarked.

The coating is consistent on both elements -- the glass of the front element looks almost new. The rear element has what appear to be a number of very short, very fine scratches. These are even finer than cleaning marks to my eye, and they're all very short and straight -- at first I though they were dust or lens tissue lint. I feel pretty certain they won't affect optical performance, but in the interest of full disclosure I have to mention them.

Schneider specs say this lens will cover an image circle of 217mm, so you'll get plenty of movements on a 4x5, but not much on 5x7.

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