210mm f/4.5 Schneider Xenar
in Compound with flange
no caps
$140 or best reasonable offer

This uncoated lens dates from around 1942. The glass is surprisingly clean and scratch-free to my eye, with just a hint of bloom in the rear element.

Nice round aperture stops down to a marked f/32, and probably nearly an unmarked f/45.

The shutter works great. After setting the dial, allow about 5 seconds before firing to give the pneumatic cylinder time to drift to its correct placement.

These shutters are really easy to service and clean and seem to go forever. If nobody buys it, I'll happily keep the thing just for the shutter. I love these old beasts -- they're so reliable. I wish they were still made.

Schneider specs say this lens will cover an image circle of 253mm, so you'll get plenty of movements on a 4x5 and 5x7.

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