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You know, I find it ironic that scientists spent 150-odd years perfecting sharp, grainless photographic materials and lenses only for some companies to produce plastic cameras with ghastly lenses and charge stupid sums of money for them.
This only proves that scienctists can be misguided and or wrong The Chevalier lens for daguerreotypes was already sharp enought for the medium, damn slow though. If scientist were only after the sharpest lens things like the 1.5 Xenon and other early high speed lenses wouldn't exist. The Pictoralist used fuzzy lenses so did portrait photographers. 100 year old portraits lenses fetch a pretty penny on ebay and at camera stores. Grainlessnes in itself just like sharpness isn't a virtue but a tool, just like an overpriced plastic lens camera. Some pictures require super sharp lenses and some a coke bottle. So scientist only looking for the sharpest possible lens know nothing about the photographic medium and art.

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