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Hello everyone,
Among other things for the lab, I'm in the market for safelights and stumbled into this
Anyone familiar with these led safelight for B&W printing. Are they safe :-D? I'd go for the red (feels safer) do you think it might work for a quick film inspection also?
Please let us know how it worked out—I recommend you do the Kodak safelight test. I am curious what is the wavelength of the LEDs used in that product.

Officially, red safelight is not safe for film processing, except for orthochromatic film. However, if all you do is a very brief inspection, once the film has already been in the developer for a while (at which time it becomes less sensitive to light) you should get away with it. Personally, I wouldn't risk any negatives that I value this way.

Out of curiosity, why would you like to inspect film? Until you have fixed it, it won't be easy to see that much, especially with a quick inspection, as most of it will be milky opaque.