Zeiss Camera Lens Division and some of us APUG members are achieving full tonal scale and excellent resolution, fine grain etc out of such films..

Agfa Copex-Rapid 135 in Spur Modular UR (new) reaches ISO 40 and full 14 stops range and ~ 200 lp/mm, the 120 format is faster - ISO 50.
in 2006, Zeiss Camera Lens Division reached 400 lp/mm @ ƒ/4 - the diffraction limit of white light using Zeiss Biogon T * 2,8 / 25 ZM and Spur Orthopan UR film (Adox CMS 20).

Zeiss stated several times that they use photographic techniques similar to normal pictorial photography.
Some of us already been there, done that. We are talking about real world photography.

Kodak Imakelink is quite capable film, when developed properly and in appropriate developer.
Spur used to offer a developer specifically for this film to utilize ISO 20, it was called Spur Imagespeed. I am not sure if its available in US.
Spur Modular UR (new) probably is available in US.