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The cost of storing 4K digital masters on digital tape was ~ 1,100% higher than the cost of storing YCM film masters before the new Kodak archival print film came out....
One of the problems with digital tape, is that it's tape, and tape is not designed for longer term storage, it's probably fine for financial records that need to be kept for a decade or so, but it's not designed for photographic storage, where an image could need to be stored for centuries. I have in my collection a photograph that is almost a century old, it was taken sometime between 1914 and 1918, I know this because it was taken during WW-I. it's a little faded, this is a scan I did a couple of years ago, other then some cropping it's pretty much as is, including the colour.:

Show me ANY digital media that can be absolutely guaranteed to last at least 94 years! We have movies on film from that era, where you could take the negatives out and run them through a modern film printer and have a copy in at least as good a condition as the photo above. We have no digital media to prove it will last as long. Yes that is a German uniform, and the subject is my grandfather. I plan on giving the print to my daughter (who just turned 1) when she is older, and yes I expect it to be in a similar condition.