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For the most part that is very good advice benjiboy. I read a lot of posts where people buy replacement cameras and have no intention of ever fixing them if they break. But there are also those who buy and use their cameras because they enjoy them.

For the first 30 years of my married life I used a Minolta SRT 101 that I bought new right out of high school, and a Pentax K1000 SE that I bought used at a pawn shop a few years later. They were, and still are, magnificent cameras and I still enjoy working with them almost continually. But I also spent those 30+ years avidly gobbling up every single Popular Photography mag that came to my door, drooling all over the nice, fancy cameras that came out year after year. Back then I could barely afford to buy 35mm consumer film after each paycheck was used to support a growing family. Now I can afford to go back and try out some of those cameras that I coveted way back then. Some I have fallen in love with, others I have tried and sold because they didn't turn out as nice as I had imagined.

The point being, some of us truly enjoy photography for the image...and sometimes the tools as well. Sometimes you just want to hold and use a Leica...or a Nikon F...or a Crown Graphic...or a Pentax 645...
I'm not a camera fondler, or collector I like to think of myself as a practical photographer, and the equipment as a means to an end, not an end in itself.