What a surprise, four cards in a week!

mjs, "Skin Tight". This makes up for the misguided anticipation I had when MattKing said his card was titled "Legs". That one was a lot scarier than I had thought; yours is much closer to what I had expected. Nice "everyday" flea market observation, nicely framed and printed.
Oxleyroad, Old New Windmill, lots of detail. Time to dust off the Darkroom Cookbook and have a go at some of the stuff in there.
JimO, Sykes building. Looks like a day with some very nice and sunny weather. The red filter really brings out he contrast between sky and clouds. The bridge, the detail in the foreground, the tree; yes, a complete picture. Very nice.
George Nova Scotia, Tree making its own space. That's what trees do, although not all succeed. Love the details in this, and the limited (but not too shallow) depth of field. Like the atmosphere that it conveys.

Thanks all, and some more to come, I'm sure. Always a treat.