I had a Tech 111 about twenty five years ago, before getting my Mk V.

I made a couple of lensboards from aluminium sheet, but there is a slight recess on the back to register with the felt ring on the front standard. I machined this in on a friends lathe.

The camera folded up okay with a 150mm Apo Lanthar fitted, so should be okay with a symmar too.

The only 'not very nice' bit of the design are the notches in the track for locating the front at infinity compared with the later fold-up catches.

If you are going to use the back movements a lot, and don't mind defacing the camera, file the lugs off the catches which lock the back in position, and rely on the 'stalk' clamps - if that makes sence!

The lack of front tilt is easy to overcome- either turn the camera on it's side: or use back tilt, then tilt the whole camera down and add a bit of front rise.