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These are the address for the only two labs I know of to do Kodachrome processing:

Kodak Premium Processing
16-31 Route 208
P.O. Box 7000 Fair Lawn NJ 07410-7000
Tel: 1-800-345-6973

Dwayne's Photo if shipping other than USPS then use:
ATTN: Customer Service Dwayne's Photo
P.O. Box 692 415 S. 32nd ST.
Parsons, KS 67357 Parsons KS 67357
Tel: 1-800-522-3940


You can also send Kodachrome mailers to this address.

KODAK Mailer Processing
C/O District Photo
P. O. Box 3022
Beltsville, MD 20704

(301) 937-5300 (A site contact # to use for express mailing packages ONLY)
(800) 345-6973 (For all questions on mailers or ordering new ones)

By the way, it is true that there are only two labs in the world that process Kodachrome cine film, and when Kodak closes the Switzerland facility, there will only be Dwayne's. But I believe there are a small number of the Kodak mini K-Labs still in operation for processing Kodachrome slide film.