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I do not need to take thousands of photographs to capture a wedding. I make each photograph count. Hasselblad back are much cheaper now, I generally pay about $100US per back, and I discovered that they are even reusable!
My main point is though, that of photographer time. You take the images, drop it at the lab, and let the lab do the processing and proof prints. Then pick them up on the way to visit the family, with paper prints to go through, they pick the ones they like, and you drop the order back at the lab. Your time investment is minimal, the time you spent at the shoot and going to the lab. I guess, if your old school and use your digital the way a film guy uses film, you could do similar, drop the card at the lab for printing, and then pick up prints for the meeting. A lot of digital guys, who didn't come from a film background, end up shooting 2,000 frames, and if you give the family that kind of choice, it will take weeks to decide on the 60 for the package. That means the photographer has to cut it from 2,000 to 120 or so, and that's going to take hours. Hours they could spend on getting more gigs.