As some here know I buy and sell for two purposes. (1) to pay my grad tuition (2) to keep my hobby out of the home budget and keep it free.
(At this point I'm shooting just a C330 with two lenses. If anyone has a WL finder for it, I could use one. The prism weighs about as much as my old 4x5.)
The remainder comes and goes. (But boy to I miss that 8x10 and contacts!)

This camera out fit is a starter/project unit. It will need TLC.
#1 The Burke & James camera is a little rough. I've not checked out the bellows, but a little gaffers tape solves many a problem.
It has the extension bed, 2 lens boards, and a decent gridded ground glass. $125 shipped (US).

#2 Astragon barrel lens. It has a Packard behind it. And as you can see, the Packard is Synchronized. And it comes with the original box for the Packard.
Priced mostly for the shutter. Lens is foggy and needs serious cleaning. Lens board included. $65 shipped (US).

#3 Zeiss Jena Tessar 13.5cm 4.5 in a Zeiss Ikon shutter. Also foggy, but the shutter seems to work well.
Lens board included. $50 shipped (US)

#4 Four modern film holders. Two with the nicer plastic dark slides and two with the metal tabs. But all are clean plastic units and in great shape.
$50 shipped (US).

PayPal OK.