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I'm having a curious problem with my Olympus XA2. I've gotten two rolls back, and I'm noticing that shots where the sky figures prominently in the scene are dreadfully underexposed. Foreground objects are in complete shadow. Other shots (of low contrast scenes or scenes without a sky) are just fine. I'm using Superia 400 and the ISO is set properly. The batteries are fresh. Also, this is my "backup" XA2; my son took my other XA2 for a photography course he's taking this semester. Point is, I know this camera pretty well, and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

Any ideas?
How are you using the meter? If there were a problem with the camera, it would be evident on most of the negatives. Usually if the camera underexposes all the time, one would lower the ISO setting on the meter.