I'm looking for the impossible, basically a full 4x5 setup with a working camera setup, decent normal/wide lens for specifically landscape / cityscape images.

I have a Patterson 5 reel tank (3 reel if using 120) and I've seen a "MOD54" that seems like a good insert, I would prefer using equipment I already own.

I am in NO hurry (except that 4x5 film might not last much longer...).

I've seen great deals on eBay for around $400 for what I'm talking about, but I'm looking for $200 (or less!) to spend. This sounds crazy perhaps but I know there's someone out there not using their 4x5 who would prefer it be used by someone rather than sit on a shelf.

I'm honestly looking for LESS than $200, more like FREE haha, I would certainly pay shipping, but I know a lot of guys in APUG with huge collections and I'm sure some of those cameras are unused in favor of fancier ones. I could offer a nice print that I make from the camera as an exchange

I've posted on the LF forums and it was suggested I also post here.



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