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I plan to test Tmax-100, Acros and most Ilford films, including Pan F+. Any other ideas?
I've tested Delta 3200 with D316 1+1 and negs look great, prints will follow soon. Dev time was 36 minutes (2 times Xtol times for Xtol 1+1 and Delta 3200). This test did not yield a characteristic curve or anything, but shows that higher dilutions of D316 seem feasible (Delta 3200 is usually quite demanding).

For those mixing fresh: you can use the easier to get Borax instead of Metaborate: replace 2.2 g of Sodium Metaborate Tetrahydrate with 2 g Borax and at the end of mixing adjust pH to 8.0 with Sodium Hydroxide (Sodium Carbonate should also work at this pH). Don't leave out the Propylene Glycol as it is said to influence the behavior of the Borate ion (and as a result buffering and pH).