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Thanks for the call Stone, I appreciate the heads up and don't want to let thanks go un-given. So thanks to PE, Stone, etc for the offer, but I think I want to just stick to what I have the time to do and what I know best and that is shooting..

Greg, great links, thanks for showing them, I had no idea that work was out there. My idea was posted on my blog in early 2010 then I sat on it a bit, a couple of the paintings I had in mind shown:


As far as originality, I was looking at challenging my self to recreate exact works of specific paintings which will require bulletproof casting, set building, costume design and utterly masterful lighting. If I were hell bent on this no matter what and had all the aforementioned lined up, I have a couple of packs of 220 Astia that *might* come close...but not as close as Kodachrome. I have seen that kind of light in the natural world, not on a set, it seems to only be revealed by Kodachrome unless painted. The attached image, although more of a grab shot than artistic, shows the kind of treatment Kodachrome gives very specific light in terms of what I see possible.

I am out of town until later this week, so I am going to take at least the rest of this week away from the forum and possibly more...as much as I get out of coming here and like to make actual contributions, I think forums are often just too much of a distraction for me...

I have about half a dozen other projects that are anywhere from 6 months to 12 more years long, so it's not like I will be purposeless if I leave my stash of KR64 in the freezer and just get what I have as a book out. In fact, I really just need to do that as there are so many rich images that people have yet to see but I am not putting them on the web. I am not at all lacking for imagery to get this book out when it comes right down to it...

It would really be something to know how to process Kodachrome, even if it resulted in only a few rolls being brilliant at the end of testing and souping and a trip out to Rochester to see Ron, Audrey and the Kodak gang would be really cool about right now. I still know the top two gals who worked in the lab and could pick their brains too. But I am a photographer first and foremost so I would much rather pay someone to do it...and I would be willing to pay them what they are worth as I was in this case...

Maybe some day, until then, the film sits under hundreds of other rolls at the very bottom of one of the freezer drawers, the idea a fond one in the back of my mind's eye....

Take care everyone and have a good holiday season!
Welcome Dan, thanks for the thanks

Side note, being "original" doesn't mean much since "it's all been done before". I too have a 'recreating old paintings' project (I may have even talked about it with you briefly Dan, can't be sure) but its never been done like the way you would do it, nor I, so I would rather see different styles if the same idea than scoff at an idea previously done.

Best of luck to us all in our endeavors, I'm still trying to figure out my scanner... Who would have thought it would be this much of a pain, maybe I should have just doesn't the money at $10/scan...

I feel like Dan, what I'm good at, SHOOTING, the rest is just stuff I have to do to show people the shot, I'm no artist of the darkroom...I like the light too much


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