OK, Gerald, but, essentially, your formulae are similar to standard MQ developers, with the exception of the addition of Phenidone (I don't think that that addition really matters with tone, as phenidone apes metol).

So I have tried straight metol and then diluted MQ developers and have gotten the same results. With ImageLink HQ it's really not possible to 'get it all in' with contrasty scenes because the highlights and mid-tones meld into one when sufficient exposure is given in order to render shadows properly. For low contrast scenes the film is sensational. - David Lyga

NOTE: one interesting thing with this film: If you expose for FULL shadow detail and you develop for an EXTREMELY truncated period (maybe 1/8th the time), you will 'get it all in' but your negative will be so thin (because of the greatly inadequate development time) that you cannot make a decent print.