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I use a drop or two in a lasagna dish for 4X5 negs on a one time only basis. I wouldn't use it in a plastic tank or stainless reels or anywhere developers or fixing baths are used, I don't think a container will ever be clean enough after Photoflow.

In another thread on Photoflows' use, Photo Engineer said if you use enough to cause a foam, you're using too much.
Wait, it doesn't clean off of a tank? When I do my wash I just leave it in the Paterson tank and run it under the sink for 10 minutes, then at the end I drop a drop or two if wetting agent right into the Paterson tank and swish it around a bit before hanging it...

So, am I risking ruining my next batch of film? I've never seen any issues before...

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i use it once, then toss it.
it only requires like a drop or 2 / tank
a bottle last me about 25 years ..
and i have feeling the last bottle i bought
" photo flo 20,000" or something like that
will outlast me. i am thinking of putting a
request in my will to be buried with it, a twinkie and a bottle of yahoo ..
They don't make twinkies anymore... Better stock up from eBay


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