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Do not forget about x-ray film, and remember that unlike consumer film, each x-ray image consumes a square foot or more of film stock. Even though their are many digital processes now in this market, many images are archived and distributed via film printed on laser imagers. Smaller. older offices use the regular x-ray equipment already in place and most exams require at least two sheets of film.

IF the movie people actually send out disks, those disks are probably throw aways. When the theatre is done showing them, they are shredded and discarded. My guess is the distribution is, or shortly will be, entirlely digital via satellite or internet with the theatre being charged "per click" each time the file is shown.
I'm dating a doctor and she says the se of film for x-rays is non existent at any good hospital, they use digital x-rays so that anyone at any time can pull up the x-ray on their screen without having to wait for processing or someone to bring it up from the storage room.

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