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Yes, I know. I was part of a group working on that technology at Kodak in the mid-1980s. Kodak's system never really got started and was finally canceled with the circa 1992 Kodak BOD edict of "ye shall make film only." Do not underestimate how much of the technology used for those systems originated in Buildings 82 and 69 at Kodak Park.

But, frankly, once you get away from the Mayo Clinic size hospitals, there's a lot of film flying around in radiology departments. The big hospital in town here is still all film for x-rays and the other brand new hospital that my kids have spent entirely too much time at (sports injuries) is all x-ray film, too. But these are 100 to 500 bed outfits, not several thousand. And that doesn't count individual offices.

But, digital is ideal for radiology use because (believe it or not) the images are low resolution and easily compressed.
To be fair, she's a Doctor at Yale, so yes, bigger hospital...lol

She said though they may be lower quality they are much easier to zoom in on and see details than on an x-ray in front of a light box. Haha

I'm sure small doctors offices and hospitals can't afford the super expansive digital machines.


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