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Free? you're joking, right? Sell your I thingy and that Canon 1-v, spend that on your new toy.
If I didn't have an I thingy I wouldn't get any jobs at all haha, that's the way of things, in my business (the other one that's not photography) if you don't respond to emails within 2 minutes, you don't get the job.

As far as free, sure why not, some photographers have huge collections of unused LF cameras just collecting dust, if I got one, And enjoyed it enough to move up to a nicer one, I would pass the one I was gifted on to another and get them hooked, pass it on, get more new LF shooters and keep LF film alive.

I gave away one of my Canon AE-1's to someone and now they shoot film when they didn't before.

And I often lend my other AE-1 to newbies. I wouldn't sell my 1V as it is my backup/second to my 5D for weddings and other paid gigs.

And my first AE-1 was gifted to me when I was 12.

A brownie was gifted to me which is what got me into MF...

See a pattern?

I value the photography world, but to help support each other, we sometimes need to "help a brotha out" in the beginning. Since I'm not in school to borrow a LF camera and don't know anyone that has one, its a big investment to just jump right into with no knowledge, and asking for a working LF 4x5 when there are tons out there not being used, it's not such a crazy thing.


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