I recently picked up a Busch Pressman Model D 4X5 camera and the previous owner also gave me a few boxes of 4X5 B&W film. Both are "rapid packs" that were made with camera with a "rapid pack" back or adaptor, which I don't have for my Pressman. One is a 16 exposure box of Kodak Tri-X and the other is a 16 exposure pack of GAF "Super Hypan Film, Type VI, Class N" with an ASA of 500. Now the kicker, the expiration date on the Tri-X is March, 1969 and May, 1968 for the GAF film. Both boxes though, have been stored in a freezer for the past 40+ years! I have no idea if the film is good or not, so caveat emptor.

First come, first serve. If you pay the cost of shipping, the film is yours. PayPal only please.

Jim B.