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Have you had problems? If not, then perhaps it's all right to continue. Lots of people do what you do.

My method is to use the wetting agent outside the tank, and I take the film off the reels before it gets treated with the wetting agent.

- Thomas
I'll just do that from now on, I don't really have a problem adjusting for safety, better safe than sorry...

Though I have really good cleaning habits when it comes to my equipment where others don't, I've seen some processing tanks and bottles and measures that look like they went through a fire all tarnished and ugly, now I can't say I've had my equipment for YEARS but I also can say I've done enough to know I'm much more thorough with cleaning than some others. That may have helped prevent any carry over from the wetting agent, but I don't want to risk it from now on I'll use a separate tank.


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