Yes, it should have notches, either in the upper right corner when the sheet is held with the long side vertically and emulsion facing you, or at the lower left if the emulsion is facing away from you. Here's a list and illustrations of common codes

The notches can be hard to identify by feel, I find it easiest to use my fingernail along the edge to identify the shape of the bottom of the notch (either straight or a "V" in the case of most Kodak films), and then remember the sequence.

It seems a little odd that you'd get a box of 11x14 with a 4x5 camera, the film may well be high-contrast process film rather than pictorial B&W.

Hopefully, when the box was cut, the cut didn't go too deep, if it went beyond the outer layer you'll want to mend the cut with some black tape.
If it went all the way through the film is likely partially or completely fogged.