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The tensides that make up the wetting agent are extremely difficult to wash away from the tank and spools after they have been exposed to it. Almost impossible.
But whether it will ruin your next batch or not is hard to say. Only you can tell. But you do run the risk of having a lot of bubbles develop when you agitate the tank, which have the potential to stick to the film surface, especially where the film touches the reels. Sometimes you see pictures with strange looking bubbles along the edge of the prints, usually 120 film (because its rebate is really narrow), due to these bubbles.
Thank you for the warning, Thomas, I was not aware of this risk. I have not noticed any issues, yet, but I will pay attention, as I like to agitate quite vigorously, and I have seen that the liquids in my tank can bubble up as a result.

Do you know if this unwashability issue is specific to Kodak PhotoFlo, or all wetting agents, including Ilfotol, which I have used for over a decade? Are there any other symptoms to look out for?