I picked up this camera last winter through some swapping on the forums here. The member I got it from said they got it from Jergen in August 2011 with a full CLA. I have no reason to doubt this as it is nice and clean and functions perfectly. Shutter works great throughout the range and the rangefinder/focusing is spot on. This particular example comes with a Schneider Radionar 80mm f/2.9 lens. The shutter is a Prontor-SVS with B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 300 speeds. The Super Baldax is also one of the few folders that has a COUPLED rangefinder. Includes an everready case, a Hoya 81a warming filter, and a fresh roll of Portra 400 to take it out for a spin. The lens has no scratches, haze, fungus, etc. Overall condition is in very good user condition, an EX by KEH standards. Film advancing and spacing works fine with a leader attachment, though I have always just used the window on the back instead and inched the film ahead. Sorry for the bad pics, I only have my cell for a digi cam. Asking $250 shipped in the US with 3% to APUG.