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Walmart does 120 and 220 through their send out service. Walmart seems to have stopped returning negatives for 35mm C-41 film in various regions of the United States, but I still get my 120 and 220 C-41 and E-6 stuff processed there no problem. For 120 and 220 C-41 rolls developing only is $0.84. I develop all my own B&W, but I can't beat the cost of Walmart's send out service when it comes to C-41. E-6 at Walmart is something like $4.88. That's for 120 and 220. I have the bulk of my stuff done through Walmart's send out service. If I have something really special like a once in a lifetime trip I use NCPS. I believe the Walmart stuff goes to Dwayne's. It takes two weeks to come back depending on the day you drop it off.

Does Walmart return your 120? That a huge fear of mine, the scans they make from film are USELESS so not getting your film back is just unbelievably bad and a huge fear, what if the person taking your film doesn't realize when the policy changes and you get a package back with a CD and no film. Even the savings doesn't seem worth the risks.


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