Excellent! I'm glad to hear you've had some success!

I don't have time to participate in any shows or anything of that nature. Being full time employed, and being a full time student, there isn't much time to pursue or develop anything. So I print a lot of old and new negatives when time allows, but I stick to old and tried methods, keeping things simple so that there is as little testing involved as possible.
Taking that concept of simplicity further, I plan on continuing to 'stick to my guns' and use mostly my Hasselblad and the Leica M2, with Tri-X film, Xtol developer, Ilford MGIV paper and Ethol LPD paper developer. Some lith printing too, I hope, using up my pretty large stash of old papers that lend themselves well to the process. This gives me a lot more time to simply focus on taking pictures, and developing portfolios.
When I'm done with school, a couple of years down the road, I plan on hitting the photography really hard. For now, I'm idling, but at least keeping the engine running.