I just realised this post was an open question about photographic plans. Well, I'm also planning to print more, photograph more, and stick with the same trusty 4x5 equipment I've been using for 12 years, though I doubt I'll stop upgrading my darkroom. I will also attend one, maybe two workshops in US West Coast, and I hope to blog about that afterwards. I know I need to reach out more to the gallery world. I am also slowly working on a second book, hopefully for 2014, or just after, and an exhibition to go with that. In the meantime, my other profession should keep me busy 60% of the time, leaving the rest to pursue my photography.

Above all, I would like to start sharing my experience, and whatever I have learned so far with others, and so I am looking forward to meeting more often with other analogue photographers, mainly in Ireland, where I live, but perhaps also on my journeys. It would be nice to meet some of you, in person, one day.