For somebody who has a Super Tak 50mm / 1.4 lens with bad glass or who has Super Tak lens parts, this could be a great deal. Actually it could be a terrific deal. What we have here are two Super Tak lens bodies. The glass in both is very good. Some might say excellent, but there are some cleaning marks on the front elements. I honestly do not think they'd make any difference at all, and I would have no hesitation to use either of them. One has the aperture blades. One does not have the aperture blades. Then there also is a lens barrel. It is missing the front trim piece (the filter ring), but the action is fine, and the aperture actuator works also. As I said, if you have Super Tak lens parts or working lenses with bad glass, here is your chance. If you have a Super Tak lens with a bad helical, stiff action, damaged barrel, etc...please don't miss this. The barrel in this offer looks like it saw very little use. $30 for everything plus actual cost of shipping.

PayPal ok for international buyers, check/cash/money order for domestic buyers please.

If questions, please ask. I'd be willing to consider trades for a Pentax K mount 1.4 lens.