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People say teh winding mechanisms are rather fragile.. I have absolutely no issies at all n have been using it ofr almost 3 years now. I am carefull n not wind very fast n I also take good care of my equipment.
Agreed and I think this issue is overdone. The winding concern is also oft-raised with the Bronica S2 (non-S2A) which I have a copy of and much like. It seems to me that if one once finds an example with the winder in good condition (or a repairman can return it to good condition), that's solved and shouldn't be a risk thereafter. Since we're almost all hobbyists here shooting creatively (at least when using these cameras), we should rarely have need to wind on at breakneck speed. I treat my S2 as a knob-wind machine and never unfold the crank. It was presumably when people were running miles of 220 through these cameras in professional settings, where time=money, that they'd crank away with abandon and the winders would repeatedly get run down and repaired. In that case, yes, a camera with a bulletproof winder would run rings 'round the softer-geared machines. But for hobby use, I'll take my chances on the latter if it has other redeeming characteristics ... or is cheaper.