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Stone, in the far past, say 5 years ago ( ) , a long time ago in APUG terms.... I offered a 4x5 Calumet Cadet camera with lensboard but minus lens, for the use of APUG members. The camera would have come with case. No one replied. So, it has been a non-whatever. I still have the camera and case. The thing is, many comments centered around the cost of shipping the camera all over the world, literally.

Customs was another concern!

Also, trust is another issue. I have given away many films for the cost of postage, and have sent coatings to many people for tests. About 25% have not replied on the tests of my coatings and about 25% have not even paid postage for things like a 100 ft roll of 35mm Pan X. So, I say again, trust is an issue! The camera may just vanish.

That's terrible! I would have demanded postage up front.

I'll be happy to test any emulsions btw with full report!

There's a forum in the UK that has a traveling screen calibration testing unit, but only in the UK so perhaps lending it to the US only would work better.

And how big is this? How much for shipping? I don't have a lens so it probably wouldn't work for me, at this point I'm looking for just a simple but complete setup, lens, body, back film holders, ground glass, the works

Just to test out LF and see if I like it my true investment would be for the MOD54 which looks like about $70 US or thereabouts. Yes I know I could do the taco method but I just don't trust it with the way that I process.

Umm ok I've hijacked this thread enough.


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