EST - late 1997. 15yrs.

In 1999 We spent/invested almost 200K on a custom designed 'dr5' D&D processor. It is capable of producing 100-rolls a day - dr5 itself was created in 1991 [we didn't list this, an enthused user did]. The process it-self is trade secret, though I will publish it sooner or later.
There is much competition in Europe but not necessarily consistent quality. We have many clients from Europe for this reason.. A.S - you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. It isn't as easy as easy as saying ' I am going to start a lab today' ... especially, today. hmog

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I'm also considering starting a professional b&w reversal service Eu-based, exactly as Mr. David Wood did 10+ years ago. Who is interested can contact me personally.