I just looked at the Jones e-clip bracket, and for $33.00 or so it really looks cheap to me. In fact I think it's just a hose clamp that attaches to the flash! In a case like this, eBay can be your friend Heiland made e-clip brackets to mount to a then standard 1.5" flash handle. Also, if you can find one cheaply (might not be possible due to all the star wars fans) the original Graflex flash bracket (for the earlier Graflex style flashguns) was an e-clip bracket. Graflex also made a very simple 1.5" tube that had rubber caps on either end, and one end had a standard 1/4-20 thread screw on top, so you could mount any tripod mountable flash shoe on that, put it in either a Graflex, or Heiland e-clip, and you're all set. Occasionally you can also find an original Linhof e-clip on ebay as well.

Of the 3 e-clips the cheapest looking one is actually the Linhof one! The Graflex one is really nice as it's as wide as the mounting bracket on the Linhof, so you have a large surface holding the weight of the flash. One thing I don't like about either the Graflex or Linhof e-clips is that the clamping action that holds them to the camera is also the same clamping action that holds them to the flash unit, so when you remove the flash unit from the camera, the bracket is also loose on the flash! The Heiland OTOH mounts securely to the flash unit using a separate screw from the thumb screw that secures it to the camera. I currently use the Heiland bracket on a Strobonar 772, and the Graflex bracket on a Graflite (later model Graflex flash) flashgun for bulbs, and I keep the Linhof bracket as a spare.