A lot of artists here that have trouble with the concept of gestalt.

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I love when old guys use the term "hipster". It makes me think of my old neighbor who used to walk around in his boxer-shorts that were held up by suspenders, knee high socks with the two colored bands at the top, and an undershirt. He'd always come out to get the paper, grumble something about the 'damn kids' of the neighborhood, and then retreat to his recliner that had undoubtedly not seen the light of day since 1943. He must have lived a horrible, stale, lonely life in his old age. Poor guy.
It's gestalt thing. I had a vague notion of how the word "hipster" was used in the modern vernacular... until I went to NYC in the spring. Walk down the street especially in Brooklyn and Manhattan and you will know who we are talking about. If you are in Texas it will take some explaining and in the end you will probably not be satisfied. NYC though is brimming with these characters. A couple of hours on a nice Saturday afternoon strolling down the High Line and your curiosity will be satiated.

Ultimately if I read the OP correctly answering "what does 'Lomo' mean" requires an acceptance to some degree of the concept of gestalt. If every single person is going to rummage through their closet, collector's case, or vault; find an item that says "Lomo" on it; and then get offended with internet critiques of lomography or indeed the marketing department at big "L" Lomography.com you are never going to get closer to any real truths. There are those who say nothing good has every come out of a plastic camera. But that isn't what the majority of the people posting in this thread have said.

I think we can all agree lomography is not the marketing department at lomography.com. Lomography is not a big expensive movie lens. Lomography is not a big expensive telescope lens. We all agree on that, right? That's the easy part.

As to "what does 'Lomo' mean" I would say before nitpicking all the various aspects of what you think it means and getting offended consider the words of Justice Stewart when asked "what is porn."

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I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description, and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it
Frankly I would rather talk about porn than "Lomo." Less controversy.