For sale: nice Nikon N50. This camera has none of the stickiness of the grip some of the Nikon and Minolta autofocus models were known to suffer. Clean as a pin this one is. I haven't used it in a year, but the last time I did use it, all was fine. There is some scratching on the side of the flash unit, so it isn't perfect. I re-painted this last week, but I don't believe it helped as much as I hoped. Ah well, if you're buying the N50 it isn't because you consider it a collectible masterpiece, is it? Nope, you're buying it because you want a very nice amateur autofocus camera with lots of features. You're looking for a camera which will work fine in manual mode as well as a fairly highly sophisticated automatic mode. That's why you're looking at this camera, isn't it? Well, maybe a few of you are looking at this because you think I may say something unexpected. And I might. Here, how about this: Two guys looking for work are talking about their prospects. One says to the other, "I see the circus is looking for a lion tamer. I think I'll take that job." The other guy says "Ha, you don't know anything about lions. What are you going to do when that roaring lion comes running toward you?" The first guy says "Oh, that's easy. I'll stick that chair in his face and back him down." Second guy says "Hmm, what happens if the lion slaps the chair out of your hands?" First guy says "Then I'll whip him with that whip those guys have." Second guy says "And what if he grabs that whip in his mouth and jerks it out of your hand?" First guy says "Well, then I'll just have to use the pistol and shoot him." Second guy says "Ok and what if the pistol misfires?" First guy "Well, I'll grab some of the doo-doo on the bottom of the cage and sling it at his face and run for the door." Second guy says "What if the cage floor is clean?" First guy says "If a lion comes at me, rips the chair out of my hands, takes the whip away and the pistol misfires, I promise you there'll be a tremendous amount of doo-doo on the floor of that cage."

So, let's put this Nikon N50 in your hands in time for the holidays. $20 plus actual cost of shipping.

PayPal ok for international buyers but check/cash/money order for domestic buyers please.

If questions, please ask.