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"Who? What? Why?

Well, basically we are a mixed bunch of people from all over the globe, all using variations of the same developer. We met thru Flickr, Apug etc. We compared our results, experimented, tried and developed our own new formulas and discussed the further evolution of coffee developers. It is our belief that Caffenol can compete with the best commercial developers out there, in addition it is the ONLY developer that you can safely pour out in the sink and dispose of thru the sewer system without any hazards to the environment apart from the negative side effects of too much caffeine in the occasional rat..

This book is intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike. Although a basic understanding of analog b/w film development probably is best, anyone with an exposed b/w film, a film development tank, access to clean running water, the neccessary ingredients and a fixer bath can achieve marvelous results from the first try using any of the recipes provided and described in this book. Caffenol developers have gained huge momentum with enthusiasts all over the world because of their characteristics, versatility, availability and last but not least their unique environment friendly footprint. We, the authors have created this book both as a inspirational guide for anyone interested in trying or expanding on Caffenol and as a showcase of the Caffenol developers many state of the art abilities. It is also a perhaps romantic voyage into a more archaic form of photography, as was prevalent in the last century, where craftmanship and a honed, tacit, and careful “innate” sensibility for making seemed more natural then than in this fastpaced "online" commercialized era."

Thanks a lot for your interest - Reinhold G.