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Nope, as far as I can gather from this, what you find of EFKE and ADOX (25, 50, 100) out there is the remaining rolls from the final stock.

The only 25 ISO film I know of that is in production and avaiable is Rollei Ortho 25 ISO , never tried it though, but if it is in the same class as Rollei retro 80s regarding grain and resolution it could be very good. Digitaltruth has some info on it

Found a review here it may be something that the OP is looking for perhaps...?
I recently developped 6 rolls of Rollei Pan 25 (version 2) which is supposedly the same film as Efke 25. It is pretty fine grain but not as smooth as Agfa 25... I'm pretty happy with it except that as someone already mentionned quality control is pretty poor. In the 3 rolls I've already come across 4 emulsion defects that would have been a major problem if I had been printing in a wet darkroom, thankfully I can 'fix' it after scanning. So while a really nice film, make sure to take several shots just in case...

Several places list this film as being in stock but does anyone know if it discontinued ?