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my main concern is temperature i would ideally prefer not to carry around my bath and thermostat heater thing so was hoping you could recommend some developers that work well with mid iso film (most likely tri-x 400) but dont really care too much about temperature.

I think we need to know what temps you expect to have to develop in if below the normal room temp which is regarded as 20C So is it 18C 16C 14C, 12C or what?

Presumably you will be indoors when you develop so how low will the ambient temp be and even if the ambient temp indoors is very low will there be no water source which produces water at 18-20C.

It sounds as if you expect to be somewhere where there is no heating indoors and no water available at above this very low unheated room temp.

If this is the case then I know of no developers that operate properly in uncomfortably low temps such as say 10C, nor do I know of areas where people live indoors at such temps.

If these are your circumstances then better you than me