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From what I understand, processing color film isn't that easy. Neither is printing it. I already develop and print B&W.
If you can develop B&W, you can develop colour negative film. With B&W you have 4 chemicals, developer, stop, fix, rinse, with some wash steps in between. With colour you have 4 chemicals developer, bleach, fix, rinse, with some wash steps in between. The only hard part with colour, is the temperature, I found out years ago that the process is no where near as temperature sensitive as many people think. The critical temperature step is the developer and that comes first. If you use a plastic tank and it's already at temperature, it's not going to drop drastically in the few minutes development takes. My Darkroom in the old days ran about 64℉ in the winter time, all you do is take a tank of water at the proper temperature, and stick a thermometer in it, see how far it drops during the developing step, say 4 degrees. Bump the temperature by 2 degrees, you should find your starting 2 degrees hot, and end up 2 degrees cold. That's actually good enough. You can buy a colour processing kit, and follow the manufacturers directions. I've never processed slide film, but I understand it's just as easy.

Printing is a little harder, but not much. The only issue is you need to colour balance. easiest with a colour head, but not impossible without.