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this is great information! I'm about to try lith for the first time in the next few days and so this is valuable proxy experience for me and gives a bit of hope for my start. Any updates?
Thanks very much, Sly!
My most recent ones are in my gallery. For them, I had a tray of warmer water holding the one I was using. I don't know 'cause I haven't gotten around to asking with examples, but the results look darker in the middle than the edges and I wonder if the temp difference is why? The edges may have been warmer, I'd guess. But I still like what I got. I used Fomabrom 123 for the latest ones. I also was getting fairly long times. I'm not a very patient person, so that was when I added the warm water under it, I think. It would help if I took notes, too, and had a good exposure time for a regular print first.