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Got one last month, to "jump" to LF photography. Full of used marks but working fine (besides the rf not being calibrated). The only thing I find to dislike the camera is that it is all black (and without the "trip/brack/front letters also !?). Kind a like the black/silver ones (has the images and videos of this thread).
Just a question about the M.O. of the camera. When one is using the focal plain shutter to take the picture, one has to have the lens shutter in T, right?
Rhodes - You are correct, the front shutter must be on T so it is open at all times when using the rear shutter. It works the other way around too. When using the front shutter, the rear shutter must be set to O. You still must remember to set the f-stop lever to shooting aperture when using either shutter. Lots to remember!

mitch - I wonder if your camera has been repainted with black crackle paint and the original lettering has been painted over? It does sound like there may be something internal keeping the selector switch from moving. It may be fairly easy to take the cover off the side of the camera and check, but you should probably review one of the online Pacemaker repair manuals first.