Contax G2 Kit ($1600 OBO)

- Body has minor usage marks. Only noteworthy issue is that one of the camera strap lugs is a little loose. Not an issue for me since I donít use a neckstrap. All lenses are pristine.
- Comes will ill-fitting Mr Zhou case (might be the cause of the loose strap lug)
- Kit includes Biogon 28mm f/2.8, Planar 45mm f/2.0, and Sonnar 90mm f/2.8 all with lens bags, front and rear caps, and hoods. Also includes one Contax hood cap and two off-brand hood caps.
- TLA200 flash with pouch
- Set of filters Ė 81A, Sky-1A, Y(K2), 808, X1, LC1, LC3, LC5, and Enhancing
- Not looking to split the kit up at this time

More pictures available upon request. Price includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fees.