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Hi all, I am tempted by the gorgeous resolution of LF.

My main concern is the slower shutter speeds required. As I mainly shoot people, often indoors using natural daylight, I wonder whether this type of shooting will work against me and I will have lots of blurred shots.?? Also I read that the Dof can be really unforgiving also, increasing the need for the subject to be still (and/or shoot faster)

I currently shoot Mamiya RZ67 on a tripod and Pentax 67 handheld

Finally, is there a way to view the image the right way round???


Hey Paul,

If you can live with shorter DOF your times should be the same as with MF.

You can try shooting at a higher EI.

As to seeing right way up, well maybe.

I was at a LF seminar and we were doing portraits. I was the subject at one point with an 8x10 and a really nice old portrait pointed at me. The shooter and I switched paces so I could see.

The camera was set close enough to get little more than head and neck, so approaching full size, maybe 80% of life size.

Imagine my surprise when I crawled under the dark cloth and look at the glass and it was upright. Not really but my brain actually did flip it, it really did look upright. That doesn't happen all the time, never seen it on 4x5.

Most of the time the upside down image actually helps me see composition better.